Be Spartan Green

At MSU, sustainability is in our roots. Working in forests and fields, campus laboratories, gardens and greenhouses, on rivers, lakes and everywhere in between, there are Spartans advancing innovative solutions to protect our environment.

Join us in celebrating Earth Day! Below are ways to directly support MSU's sustainable initiatives for a greener future on campus and around the world.

Projects to Support:


Student Statements:


As an EcoRep collaborating with the incredible team at Student Life and Engagement, I organized the "EcoArt Workshop." This initiative delves into environment-centric approaches in indigenous and tribal art, where participants are taught the cultural significance of such art forms to encourage values of nature preservation. The workshop holds special importance to me, as it combines my passions for art and environmental advocacy. The unwavering support from the EcoRep team played a pivotal role in making this project possible.

Veona Cutinho,
Class of 2025

Environmental Studies and Sustainability United established a working committee at the beginning of this academic year with the goal of building this garden, as we feel that the spaces we learn about sustainability in should be an example for us to extend our knowledge with. We envision this garden as not only a learning lab for students in sustainability, but a space for students to develop a sense of place and build positive campus memories around.

Luke Hurley,
Class of 2024


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