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Student Life & Engagement Student Eco Rep Fellowship

The Student Life & Engagement (SLE) Eco Rep Fellowship is designed for undergraduate students who are passionate about the environment and want to positively impact Michigan State's campus through sustainability-focused peer education and outreach. 

Eco Reps play a crucial role in fostering environmental responsibility and promoting sustainable practices among their peers through educational activities and awareness-building initiatives. They offer guidance, share information about sustainability and lead the planning and execution of various sustainability projects within the residence halls. 

The rapid growth of the Eco Rep program requires financial backing to empower our Eco Reps to educate their peers campus-wide about integrating sustainable habits into their daily lives.

Your Support Will Make a Big Difference

By contributing to the Eco Rep Fellowship Fund, you'll be supporting students in enriching their college journey. They will gain valuable knowledge on sustainable living, fostering a learning atmosphere centered on fostering lasting positive ecological habits. Our aim is to have Eco Reps in all 27 undergraduate residence halls at MSU, with 15 current student Eco Reps, to facilitate the sharing of sustainable resources and information on sustainability. 

Project Budget

Students have invested in establishing a sustainable environment in their residence halls through various events and activities. The funds raised will assist the fellowship in covering recruitment and activity expenses. Additionally, donations will support conferences, sustainability certifications, events and compensation for hired students who serve as peer educators.

Student Life &  Engagement builds on the foundations of integrity, service, effectiveness and collaboration. Extraordinary teams of students come with a passion for sustainable living and this provides opportunities for hands-on experiences and to learn volunteerism. Paid student staff and volunteers are selected to provide campus tours of campus sustainability efforts, how to live sustainably in the residence hall systems and how to adhere to campus standards in recycling and donation practices. 

Who We Are

The Student Life & Engagement Eco Rep Fellowship was created by students for students. Our team is the SLE Sustainability Officer, two student staff members and 15 Eco Reps that support the overall MSU Sustainability initiatives of being Green. We are committed to expanding our program and bolstering the presence of Eco Reps across campus. 

Our collective future hinges on our capacity for innovation and creativity The Eco Reps are stepping up to the challenge by harnessing the potential of today's students to evolve into tomorrow's leaders. Their innovations and commitment will tackle intricate issues like climate change, global poverty and environmental degradation head-on. 

Make a Gift by Mail:

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*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 24OOPCF1EDER” in the note section.

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