Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At MSU, diversity is our strength and belonging is our guiding principle. We foster a community that respects a broad range of backgrounds, viewpoints and experiences and creates opportunities so all Spartans can reach their full potential.

Featured Giving Opportunities: There are many great opportunities to support diverse initiatives across campus: MSU APIDA Heritage Month, MSU Pride Month and Earth Month. Consider finding a new program or project to support today. 


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MSU APIDA Heritage Month Events

MSU Pride Month Events

MSU Sustainability

MSU ranked in top 25 globally in 4 sustainability categories


Looking for more DEI focused initiatives to support? Learn more about how you can strengthen other MSU programs and resources supporting diversity, equity and inclusion on campus, and beyond. 


“I commit to working alongside all of you to identify a true north that will lead us to provide the very best education and workplace culture for our Spartan community — and bold service to the public.”

President Kevin Guskiewicz


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There are many resources at MSU empowering a diverse and inclusive campus community. Donor support ensures these programs have the funds they need to create life-changing opportunities. Make a gift today! 

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Stay current with the MSU Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion for upcoming DEI strategic initiatives. 

The purpose of this page is to highlight a wide array of campus initiatives advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. If you have suggestions about MSU programs or resources that should be featured on this page or have feedback you would like to share, please reach out to us here