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Diversity Research Network

The Diversity Research Network (DRN) connects faculty of color and scholars interested in diversity research, to create scholarly communities, facilitate new interdisciplinary collaborations, and to advance the growth and visibility of research by underrepresented faculty as well as research on diversity across MSU. The DRN emphasizes MSU’s value of diversity as excellence across all disciplines and promotes this value through the support and resources it offers. The DRN is a support vehicle for enhancing research productivity, mentoring, and training emphasizing the unique research contexts of faculty of color and diversity scholars, grant and publication output, and meaningful collaborative research opportunities.

The DRN exists to support the success of it’s members. Your support to the DRN, translates to programming, events and resources that benefit faculty and research scholars in attending professional development opportunities, writing retreats or grant trainings in spaces where mentoring and other professional support are distinctively available to them. Faculty of color require unique and supportive spaces to conduct their work and to dwarf institutional isolation. Your contribution will help maintain specialized programs and workshops such as the DRN summer writing retreats, DRN Grant application training, or DRN Researcher’s Workshop and other resources regularly available to DRN faculty.

Gifts to the DRN help provide places and spaces to network, collaborate, and strengthen faculty engagement and community at Michigan State University. The DRN is an important tool of retention and recruitment for a more diverse MSU faculty. Donations also help provide resources for enhancing research productivity, grant and publication output, and meaningful collaborative research opportunities. 

For example, your donation of:

  • $100 pays the cost of one attendee at the Researcher's Workshop
  • $650 pays the cost of one DRN member for the 3-day Summer Stay Writing Retreat
  • $1000 pays the cost of one DRN member to attend the 4-day Mafungo Writing Retreat
  • $5000 would support 1 DRN-LAP award to bridge or initiate innovative research that addresses diverse populations or disparities.

Who We Are 

The Diversity Research Network (DRN) grew out of the results of the foundational NSF ADVANCE grant in the Office for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (IDI), formerly the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural initiatives. This was later followed by a qualitative study on the environment and experiences of tenure system faculty of color at MSU. From the evidence-based outcomes of these studies, the DRN was fashioned as an institutional tool to improve and support the needs of diverse and diversity scholars consistent with the values inherent in the mission of MSU. The goals of the Diversity Research Network include:

  1. Scholarship: To create and support an interdisciplinary intellectual community that promotes collaboration.
  2. Support: Increase inclusion through cross-university mentoring activities.
  3. Visibility: Enhance the dissemination of scholary products.
  4. Student Engagement: Promote opportunities for MSU students to engage with faculty of color in research centered activities & mentoring.
  5. Community Engagement: Facilitate engagement in outreach and policy activities related to scholarships.

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 24GGDCF1DRN” in the note section.

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