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World War I Grove Memorial Preservation Project

The West Circle neighborhood is known for its beautiful Collegiate Gothic dorms, with beautifully sculpted gardens and peaceful stands of trees. One grove of trees though holds exceptional significance in the legacy of our university. Few may know that just west of Williams Hall is a grove of thirty-three oak trees overlooking Michigan Avenue accompanied by a nondescript fieldstone slab nestled within the small park space. 

A brass plaque explains that this grove of trees is a memorial to the thirty-three students and graduates of the M.A.C. who gave their lives in World War One – back then MSU was still the Michigan Agricultural College (M.A.C.). Ten of the young men would never live to see their graduation from M.A.C. Their sacrifice would not be forgotten though. The planning for the memorial was headed by the Forestry Department lead by faculty chair Professor Alfred K. Chittenden (for whom Chittenden Hall is named after). An oak tree would be planted for each of the soldiers and a large fieldstone would bear a plaque listing the soldier’s names. 

Fast forward over 100 years later, and this memorial still stands intact. To ensure that these men’s lives and memories live on in perpetuity, attention needs to be paid to this special space. A plan to spruce up the landscaping and create a dedicated patio and flag pole area will allow for the MSU community to pay respect to those who gave their lives protecting the United States of America.

Your Support Will Make a Big Difference

This memorial courtyard will consist of a beautiful brick and concrete path leading up to the fieldstone and brass plaque looking over to the Red Cedar River off of Beal St. Two benches will flank the fieldstone, providing an area for quiet reflection, and historical signage will be installed on either side of the path detailing the history and story of the fallen MSU students and alumni. 

Give to the World War I Memorial Grove and be a part of history!

You can support with a gift of any amount.

  • For a gift of $500+, engrave your message on an 8in. x 8in. brick in the plaza. 
  • For a gift of $250-$499, engrave your message on a 4in. x 8in. brick in the plaza. 
  • For a gift of $100-$249, receive a special commemorative coin from the Student Veteran Resource Center in appreciation of your efforts to help make this dream a reality.

 *Brick ordering information will be sent to qualifying donors at a later date 

The Student Veterans Resource Center is dedicated to promoting the educational, career, and personal advancement of service members, veterans, and their families at Michigan State University. The Student Veterans Resource Center welcomes service members and veterans as individuals, while recognizing their shared experience of service in the United States military, by providing a space to share and plan for their successes and concerns. 

Additional donor recognition opportunities available. Please contact Danielle Matlick to inquire. 

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 24OOPCF1WW1M” in the note section.