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Make a Difference Giving to Michigan State University

Annual Giving Annual Report 2021/22

Thanks to You

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The great thing about Michigan State University is that here, we all have the power to make our idealized version of the world a reality.

Students can picture their loftiest goal—their dream job, their grand adventure—and find a class to take, a mentor to talk to, and the support of a scholarship or program that will help them achieve it.

Professors and researchers can picture the transformative impact of their work in science, engineering, the arts, and find the tools, the infrastructure and the brilliant minds to help them work toward it.

Thousands of donors, alumni, friends and community members like you see the picture, believe in it and find opportunities to help bring it to life.

Through your annual gifts—which collectively totaled more than $130 million—you made a lot of “PICTURE THIS” moments happen this year. And for that, we are truly grateful.

 Thank you.

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Kim Tobin
MSU Vice President for University Advancement


Picturing the future

Your annual gifts go to work immediately to provide a wealth of opportunities. Each gift you make provides direct financial support for students, for research that leads to discoveries to make our world better and for learning that goes far beyond the confines of a classroom or computer screen. 

45,326 alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends shared their vision for MSU through more than $130.5 million in annual gifts. Ways in which gifts were given this past year included: 

  • CROWDPOWER enables individuals to raise money for programs and projects they care deeply about.
  • THE RECURRING GIFT PROGRAM processes gifts on a schedule you choose
  • GIVE GREEN DAY is a 24-hour opportunity for Spartans and friends near and far to give back and make a difference to impact current and future Spartans. Next year’s Give Green Day, March 14, 2023.
  • MSU GREENLINE students connect with alumni, friends, faculty, staff, fellow students and parents each year via phone. 
  • COLLEGE CAMPAIGNS gather vital alumni support for their college’s priorities each fall. 

No matter how you choose to make your annual gifts, rest assured your foresight means everything to students. Take a look at the impressive numbers below and read all of the stories about how your annual gifts have made an impact. We can never thank you enough for your generosity.


See the Difference your gifts made

$130,591,754 went to work immediately to support students, programs and faculty

4,875 gave
 $365,557 through Greenline calls

Learn more about MSU Greenline

4,097 gave $610,858 in online donations to 205 CrowdPower projects

Find a CrowdPower project to support

45,326 alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends made a gift

Find out how to continue to help students

3,814 gave to MSU for their first time

Learn about more ways to give

7,077 gave $1,404,712 on Give Green Day

Learn about the next Give Green Day


Stories About Your Impact

A woman hanging a photo on the wall

24 Hours and a Photo Finish

The Rock painted rainbow in support of the Unconditional Love Fund

A Loving View

Camera set up to record students walking

Giving Everyone Their Best Shot



Sparty working with a group of students

Helping Sparty Stay Focused

A book, trophies, fencing swords, mask and gloves, lay on a fencing court

Sharpening Their Image

Taking a picture with a phone of a woman in cap and gown

Zooming In




36,206 Loyalty Level Donors contributed more than $5.5M and 9,120 Leadership Circle Donors contributed more than $124.5M.

31,185 donors
5,021 donors
4,798 donors
1,388 donors
1,109 donors
797 donors
1,028 donors

Learn more about Loyalty and Leadership Circle giving and recognition.

Visit My MSU Giving to see your lifetime and annual giving to Michigan State 


Learn more about the difference your support made for MSU students this year. 

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