Annual Giving Report 22/23

you are part of something special

This year, 71,321 Spartans made a gift to MSU. Among them were alumni, parents, employees, community members and even students—all wanting to show their love for their fellow Spartans.

There are many ways annual donors become a part of MSU’s treasured community of donors. Whether through mail, email, social media or over the phone. Whatever way you gave to MSU, your gifts are helping to ensure the next generation’s Spartan experience is as meaningful as the last.

The report below showcases how people worldwide learn, grow and discover through hundreds of programs and initiatives across campus and beyond. As an annual donor to MSU, you are part of it all.


steadfast spartans

This year marked a milestone for many Spartans who have given consistently anywhere from three years to more than five decades.

Quote from Pauline Adams, former First Lady of MSU, on a light green background with a white faded Spartan helmet in the left corner and a picture of Pauline on the right. Quote reads: “It is because of these past accomplishments and MSU’s great potential for future world contributions, and because of Walter and my personal love of the university, that I am a dedicated donor.”

19,233 reached 3 years giving (but not more than 10)

23,272 reached 10 years giving (but not more than 25) 

13,521 reached 25 years giving (but not more than 50)

   411 reached 50 years giving (or more)


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9,127 Leadership Circle donors contributed $86,182,500+ 

SPARTAN STRONG gifts of $1,000-$2,499/year
SPARTAN GREAT gifts of $2,500-$4,999/year
SPARTAN BOLD gifts of $5,000-$9,999/year
SPARTAN INSPIRED gifts of $10,000-$19,999/year
SPARTAN EXTRAORDINARY gifts of $20,000+/year



35,953 Loyalty Level donors contributed $5,580,200+ 

SPARTAN LOYAL gifts of $100-$499/year
SPARTAN PROUD gifts of $500-$999/year


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