Sharing the Healing Power of Music

coty morris portrait

At 32, Coty Raven Morris (M.A., ’20) still struggles to make sense of an early life where home was a slew of apartments and guardians who were absent or sick. She remembers places where she fended for herself and covered for the behaviors of caregivers. Chaos was her framework. It wasn’t until high school that she found sanctuary through music and embraced a future teaching choirs.

“When I was going through trauma as a kid, school and music became my safe haven. I want to be like the teachers who inspired me,” she says.

While at MSU, she took her choral conducting studies out to the community, where her enthusiasm grew an elementary choir program in Waverly Schools from 80 to 200 students.

“Coty is a wonderful musician who literally lights up the room when she steps in front of a choir,” says her lead professor at MSU, Dr. David Rayl.

Coty taught choir in Texas for six years before deciding to pursue her master’s at MSU. She was familiar with MSU’s reputation for music education and choral conducting, and wanted to take her skills to the next level.

Today, she’s back in Texas as the newest director of choirs for Crosby High School near Houston.

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