Preserve the Radiology Healing Gardens

The Healing Gardens are located on either sides of the Radiology Building on the campus of Michigan State University. The gardens were conceived by Dr. E.J. Potchen, founding Chair of the Department of Radiology to provide a quiet space for the benefit of patients, staff, students, and caregivers visiting the MSU Clinical Center, taking lunch, work breaks, and waiting for appointments. 

The gardens feature a series of ponds, waterfalls, vine-covered pergolas, and a greenhouse. The ponds are home to many koi, channel catfish, largemouth bass, goldfish, and hybrid bluegill. The Healing Gardens feature a variety of perennials, annuals, trees, bulbs, and shrubs. The greenhouse provides a growing place for the 15,000 annuals and perennials which are planted in the gardens, and plants for the interiorscape. On the south berm in spring 30,000 daffodil and crocus bulbs will be in bloom.

The gardens were designed by an MSU Landscape Architect and are maintained by a Radiology staff horticulturist. When Dr. Potchen was a teenager, his father built a greenhouse so they could follow their passion for flowers together. Even though he eventually chose medicine as a profession, Dr. Potchen always maintained his interest in flowers. Little did he know then that he would later be able to share his interest with others through the development of the Radiology Healing Gardens. In 2000, Dr. and Mrs. Potchen had a majestic 50 foot Copper Beech Tree transplanted in the garden in memory of Dr. Potchen’s mother.

This was the beginning of what you see today. The flowers, birds, and waterfalls open the senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and even taste. They soothe the senses. In a way, it is the secret garden on campus that has provided a calming respite for medical patients, students and providers as part of Radiology’s mission to meet the wellness needs of our community.

100% of proceeds will be used for garden maintenance and enhancement, allowing us to continue our outreach mission of providing a calming environment for employees, students, patients, and visitors. 

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