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Support programs and projects inspired by MSU's 2021-22 Homecoming Court.

The Michigan State University Homecoming Court is one of the highest honors for MSU seniors. Each 2021-22 court member has a unique Spartan journey, but they are all bound by a shared commitment to the future of MSU. 

In celebration of the "Spartans Journey Together" Homecoming 2021 theme, you can support programs and projects being championed by our court members. Gifts will strengthen these programs for generations to come and will empower opportunities for future Spartan journeys.

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Dantevius Branigan headshot

Dantevius Branigan

"I would like to support the Support Our Spartans (SOS) Emergency Needs Fund due to me being a person that always would like to give back and help my community members who may be in need whether it is financially or any other ways."

Support the SOS Fund!

Alyssa Ewell Headshot

Alyssa Ewell

 "I selected the Research in Autism Fund because of my positive experience working in the Autism Research Laboratory. My research showed me the importance of celebrating neurodiversity and advocating for ways to close access barriers to resources for individuals in the ASD community."

Support Research in Autism!

Eliot Haddad Headshot

Eliot Haddad

 "I chose the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) because I have witnessed the immense degree of support, compassion, and commitment of the RCPD staff, students, and volunteers in helping all Spartans bloom into their fullest potential, regardless of the hurdles along the way.

Support the RCPD!

Julian Trevino headshot

Julian Trevino

"It is vital that the MSU Chicano Latino Studies Program continues to progress. As the Latinx population at MSU and in the U.S. grows, it is important that Latinx students have the opportunity to learn more about our history and cultures, as well providing a place where non-Latinx students can learn about the growing community."

Support the MSU Chicano/Latino Studies Fund!

Simone Nagi headshot

Simone Nagi

"I would like to give back to the community I have grown and excelled in. The Eli Broad College of Business – Dean's Fund for Emergency Support helps students experiencing difficult times cross all barriers to reach their full potential! This is a valuable resource for the community!"

Support the Broad Dean's Fund for Emergency Support!

Madeline Niblock headshot

Madeline Niblock

"The Spartan Marching Band and the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine OsteoCHAMPS Program represent the diversity and excellence that makes MSU so distinguished. These programs have not only changed my life but will continue to do so for future Spartans."

Support the Spartan Marching Band and OsteoCHAMPS!

Brenda Pilar-Ayala headshot

Brenda Pilar-Ayala

"I chose the MOSAIC Multicultural Unity Center because it has been an important part of my Spartan experience. When I first arrived on campus, the MOSAIC quickly became one of my favorite study places due to the constant networking opportunities and the diverse environment."

Support the MOSAIC Multicultural Unity Center!

Christine So headshot

Christine So

"As a Music major pursuing an entrepreneurship minor, I chose the College of Music Entrepreneurship Fund. Many musicians struggle to find support for unique projects. Additional resources for entrepreneurs in the music space would greatly enrich opportunities for students studying music at MSU." 

Support the College of Music Entrepreneurship Fund!

David Tran headshot

David Tran

"I chose the MSU Family Stress Lab Autism Research project. This is dedicated to my younger half-sister who is autistic and hoping to spread awareness about the importance of understanding families with autistic relatives and how to provide resources and support to them." 

Support the MSU Family Stress Lab!

Julie Liu headshot

Julie Liu

"The Supply Chain Management Student Experience Fund helps support developmental co-curricular programs. As a supply chain major, this fund is important & provides students hands on experience they may not be able to receive in the classroom."

Support the Supply Chain Student Experience Fund!

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