Endowment Opportunities

The beauty of placing your gift into an endowment is that it will impact MSU forever.

Below are the types of MSU endowments and an estimated minimum to create each endowment. The gift amount necessary to create your endowment will depend on what you wish to accomplish and the particular area you want to fund. We can help you define and refine your philanthropic goals to ensure your gift has extraordinary impact.

Student Aid Minimum

Named Distinguished or Out-of-State Scholarship $1,000,000
Named Full-Ride Endowed Scholarship $500,000
Named Graduate Fellowship $400,000
Named In-State Tuition Endowed Scholarship $250,000
Named Partial Tuition Endowed Scholarship $100,000
Named Experiential Learning Endowment $50,000
Entry Point Endowment $50,000

Faculty Support Minimum

Named Deanship $3,000,000
Named Chair $2,000,000
Named Professorship $1,000,000
Named Director or Department Chair $2,500,000
Named Visiting Professorship $500,000
Named Faculty Fellow $500,000
Named Lectureship $150,000
Named Excellence or Innovation Fund $100,000
Named Research Fund $50,000
Named Library Fund $50,000
Named Discretionary Fund $50,000