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Make a Difference Giving to Michigan State University
  • $760 RAISED OF $2,500 GOAL


  • Christie Schichtel $10
  • Christie Schichtel $10
  • Christie Schichtel $10
  • Christie Schichtel $10
  • Christie Schichtel $10
  • Bess German $50
  • Christie Schichtel $10
  • Carrie Larsen $25
  • Barbara Roberts $100
  • Anonymous $40
  • Lisa Desprez $10
  • Wayne Hutchison $40
  • Margaret Harris $10
  • Julie Robinson $20
  • Kirk Domer $25
  • Kimberly Steed-Page $20
  • Jackeline Iseler $25
  • Ashley Green $25
  • Amy Bonomi $100
  • Lynn Hendges $50
  • Erica Leyko $20
  • Anonymous $20
  • Nancy Colflesh $50
  • Anonymous $10
  • Christie Schichtel $10
  • Stephanie DeClercq $20
  • Michele Burton $10
  • Frances Delgado $10
  • Jaimie Hutchison $10

Support the continued leadership development of women at MSU!

The MSU Women’s Networking Association (WNA) is five years old this year. It was born from a group of motivated women that attended a training together and wanted to continue to network and attend professional development programming. Now, the WNA has a planning committee and 50 to 100 MSU women from around campus who attend each month via zoom or in person. The mission of the WNA is to connect professional women across campus through meaningful and empowering relationships. Providing an opportunity for women to network and support one another is an essential step for building women’s leadership at Michigan State University and the Greater Lansing Community. All programming is free to attendees in order to ensure finances are not a barrier to participation.

Your Gift Will Make a Difference

Funds raised through this campaign will:

  1. Empower women on campus to develop leadership skills and build their professional skills in crucial areas to promote a stronger community at MSU.
  2. Be used exclusively for WNA programming including, space, speakers, food, and supplies for monthly meetings (7-9 per year) to allow women to network as well as learn.
  3. A end of the year networking event and celebration with a panel or keynote speaker in order to inspire women to reach their full potential.
  4. Supplies for volunteer projects to benefit women, families, and others in need in our community.
  5. Collaborations with other women’s groups and units on campus to strengthen collaborations, networks and to be a source of combined learning.

Who We Are

The Women’s Networking Association Planning Committee includes thirteen women from MSU including faculty and staff from different generations, religions, cultures, races, job classifications and areas of expertise in order to provide input representing a wide range of woman at MSU.

We are a group of women committed to the continued education, networking and support of one another in order to promote leadership, education, and networking amongst ourselves and our colleagues. 

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 20OOPCF1WNAGGD” in the note section.

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