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  • Alishah Kurban $50.00
  • Glenda Hammond $100.00
  • Glenda Hammond $100.00
  • Glenda Hammond $100.00
  • Glenda Hammond $100.00
  • Glenda Hammond $100.00
  • Glenda Hammond $100.00
  • Tyrell Warren-Burnett $100.00
  • Josefina Lopez $25.00
  • Sonya Butler $100.00
  • Stephanie Anthony $100.00
  • Cheryl Piccione $75.00
  • Lamar Jackson $25.00
  • Sandra Firestone $75.00
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  • Glenda Hammond $100.00
  • Ayanna Spencer $30.00
  • Diane Sams $500.00
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Upward Bound’s Senior Graduation Recognition Program

Upward Bound was established over 50 years ago to prepare underrepresented high school youth for success in post-secondary settings. Students come from three Lansing area high schools weekly to attend MSU for tutoring assistance, academic support and exposure to a wide range of cultural experiences to prepare them for college. Additionally, students in the program participate in various community service activities to build character and develop a sense of community. Minimum grade point averages must be maintained to remain eligible for participation.

Your Support Will Make a Big Difference

In early 2017, Upward Bound lost its funding from the federal government and a decision was made to shut the Upward Bound program down. Michigan State University determined, based upon the past successes of the program, they would provide some funding to help keep the doors open. New leadership was brought in to manage the program so that Upward Bound can continue to benefit underrepresented youth in the Lansing area.

One of the projects most impacted by the budget cuts is the Senior Recognition Program. This event gives students who have worked diligently over the last three years the chance to be recognized for their hard work, both academically and in the community. The Senior Recognition Program inspires younger students who are observing the successes of the Upward Bound seniors. It also allows parents and families in the Lansing community to celebrate a program which supports the academic excellence and continuing education of students.

Efforts have been underway to raise money for the Upward Bound Senior Recognition Program through holiday gift wrapping at local retailers, fundraisers with local restaurants, candy sales and a planned talent showcase.

Project Budget

The project will make a huge difference to the Lansing-area youth and families that Upward Bound serves. Program participants are from first-generation college student homes within the Lansing area community.

Community support of Upward Bound will make a difference in these students' lives. With your help, students will be motivated to continue their education. Additionally, parents and other family members of these students will remain committed to promoting continuing education for their children.

Who We Are

Upward Bound is made up of 126 students from Everett, Sexton and Eastern High Schools. This is the largest number of Upward Bound students ever served by Upward Bound of MSU. Additionally, Upward Bound staff consists of Director and Program Coordinator Dr. Stephanie Anthony, Office Manager Mrs. Josefina Lopez and School Student Liaison Ms. Emily Piccione. There are six Tutoring Assistants, three IT personnel, eleven student mentors and a community service intern.

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 18OOPCF1UPWARD” in the note section.

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