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Transfer Student Success Center Emerging Opportunities Fund

We believe every student who transfers to MSU can succeed and graduate. The Transfer Student Success Center Emerging Opportunities Fund supports the MSU 2030 Strategic Plan to increase the graduation rate of transfer students to 86%, reduce their debt load, and increase overall sense of belonging.

Transfer Students bring unique transitional experiences to MSU that require intentional financial assistance and engagement activities. Providing adequate support will lessen the financial burden experienced by transfer students and will enhance their Spartan experience.

Your support of the Transfer Student Success Center Emerging Opportunities Fund ensures transfer students receive essential resources and opportunities on their path to graduation.

Your Support Will Make a Big Difference for Transfer Students

This project gives the Transfer Student Success Center an opportunity to develop and maintain a budget initiative previously not established for MSU transfer students. The impact of financial support will ensure the enrollment cost and institutional technology of transfer students in financial need are met, and engagement opportunities are provided to help them build community and improve their sense of belonging.

Project Budget for Transfer Student Success

All admitted transfer students who plan to attend MSU must submit an Advance Enrollment Deposit (AED), reserving their place with the incoming class. Providing financial support for transfer students’ AED lessens financial expenses on their path to MSU.

For our incoming 2023-24 cohort, over 189 transfer students have an Economic Family Contributions (EFC) of zero. As a result, many of these transfer students must defer payment of the AED until their semester financial aid package covers the fee.

Your gift of $250.00 ensures 20 future transfer students with an EFC of zero can submit and AED and will have their enrollment spots reserved, avoiding an increase in loans or decrease in other financial aid funds.

Gifts to the Transfer Student Success Center Emerging Opportunities Fund can also cover the cost of institutional technology required of transfer students (i.e., laptop, internet hot spots, equipment accessories) who are in financial need.

In addition, the Transfer Student Success Center Emerging Opportunities Fund will support transfer student social engagement activities—increasing transfer students’ sense of belonging. Building a strong community and increasing sense of belonging allows transfer students to enhance their education experience and develop strong networking prospects. Funding would cover the cost of resources needed in planning and facilitation of social engagement events for incoming and current transfer students.

Who We Are

The Transfer Student Success Center is a newly created innovative and conceptual space designed to eliminate barriers to MSU transfer student success (i.e., time to graduation; retention). Key components of the Transfer Student Success Center include:

  • Centralize the operational efforts for transfer students and internal university partners
  • Develop intentional programming and interventions throughout the academic year for transfer students
  • Create opportunities to cultivate community building, and experience sense of belonging to MSU, and
  • Destigmatize the importance of mental health

Dr. Charles Jackson- Director, Transfer Student Success Center
Ashley Hewlett-Lemke- Program Coordinator, Transfer Student Success Center

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
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535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 24GGDCF1TSSF” in the note section.