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Tanzania Rainwater Collection Project

The Michigan State University chapter of Engineers Without Borders is working with a community in Buyuni, Tanzania, to design and build a rainwater collection system for a local school. The school, located 30 kilometers outside of Dar es Salaam, is currently under construction. The school is expected to grow to over 500 students within the next few years. It is being built and will be run by a group of local nuns, the Salvatorian Sisters. EWB-MSU has partnered with the Salvatorian Sisters as well as Solar-Circle, a non-profit organization in Lansing.

In order to prepare for the students, EWB-MSU is helping design a rainwater collection system within the roof gutter system. This will provide safe, clean water for the students and staff. The proposed design focuses on the collection, filtration and storage of the water. When completed, the water will be used for drinking, washing hands and cooking. The system will reduce the demand on the local water well and provide the school with enough safe, clean and affordable drinking water during the dry season. Throughout the design process EWB-MSU students will collaborate with professional engineers and MSU professors for design advice.

Four students from EWB-MSU and two professional mentors will travel to the community this December for an assessment trip. During this trip students and mentors will build relationships with the community while performing an assessment of the site. The results of this assessment will allow EWB-MSU to update the design of the rainwater catchment system to best meet the needs of the school before returning next summer to build.

Your Support Will Make a Big Impact

With your support, students in EWB-MSU will be able to travel to Buyuni for an assessment trip. This trip is one of the most important parts of an EWB project. Students travel to the community to build communication, relationships and ultimately trust. The team will learn about cultural aspects and details about the build site that may not be easily conveyed over email. This knowledge will help in the ultimate design and construction of a sustainable water treatment system that will improve the drinking water quality for the 500 students and teachers.

Project Budget

Funds received during this campaign will assist the students and their mentors in paying for travel expenses. One plane ticket to Tanzania will cost the students $1800, meaning it will cost the team $11,000 for transportation to Buyuni. Your support would help us continue our efforts to provide the school with clean drinking water.

Who We Are

The Michigan State University Chapter of Engineers Without Borders is a student led organization seeking to implement sustainable engineering designs in developing countries. Our chapter is composed of students in all class standings and 10 different engineering majors. Using knowledge we have learned in the classroom, EWB-MSU allows students to work together to design, create and implement solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues.

MSU Engineers Without Borders meeting with Buyuni community members.

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