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Be Our Ally in Publishing Bias Buster Guides

Bias Busters are 100-question guides that bridge cultural fault lines to help people talk to each other. We find that the best ambassadors for any group are its members. The issue is that we often know so little about each other we are afraid to ask questions for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or seeming to be ignorant. Bias Busters guides get the well-intentioned off to a good start by answering the basic, everyday questions we all have but might be reluctant to ask. Misunderstanding is a big issue worldwide and in the United States. In October 2021, the Pew Research Center reported that while “wide majorities in most of the 17 advanced economies … say having people of many different backgrounds improves their society,” they also say racial or ethnic discrimination is a problem.

Pew reported that the United States is one of the most conflicted of those countries when it comes to social unity. Friction points include race, religion and politics, precisely where Bias Busters has aimed most of its 18 guides so far. Be a Bias Busters ally and help us change this.

Help Bias Busters expand our reach and visit more communities

The key transformational experience for students who create these guides each spring and fall is the site visit. We have seen temples, churches, a mosque, community centers and schools. We have pretty much exhausted local opportunities and need to travel to get to Black Churches, Amish communities, Hmong people and others. Your help will send students to see places and meet people that can change their lives, and you will be helping us expand our subjects. See our guides here:

Who Are Bias Busters?

This project was created in the School of Journalism, which supports Joe Grimm as series editor. He increasingly is selecting community allies as his editors. The guide’s authors are undergraduate and graduate students in majors that span the MSU campus. Outside of campus, two Spartans serve key roles as Director of Publishing at Front Edge Publishing and as the lead coder who inputs the proprietary XML tagging that lets us publish on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
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East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 22OOPCF1BIAS” in the note section.

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