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  • $5,005 RAISED OF $5,000 GOAL


  • Susan Buck $460.00
  • Curtis Osmun $100.00
  • Robert Fish $200.00
  • M. Christine Quinn $25.00
  • Laurie Kuna $20.00
  • Wolfgang Mittig $100.00
  • Barbara Guter $100.00
  • Sam Austin $100.00
  • Miranda Wigginton $25.00
  • Lois Furry $25.00
  • Kathleen Banghart $100.00
  • Joshua Webb $25.00
  • Jacqueline Babcock $50.00
  • Amy Kilbridge $100.00
  • Amber Cook $800.00
  • Jacqueline Babcock $50.00
  • April Callis $50.00
  • Dave Wendelberger $25.00
  • Robert Roznowski $250.00
  • Jacqueline Babcock $50.00
  • Paul C Wright $50.00
  • Darcy Hofer $25.00
  • Karen Kangas-Preston $100.00
  • Hui Hua Chua $25.00
  • Jean Lepard $50.00
  • Robert Andrews $20.00
  • Daniel Smith $50.00
  • Jacqueline Babcock $50.00
  • Bruce Brown $250.00
  • Merry Morash $100.00
  • George Orban $100.00
  • Rosie Peters $100.00
  • Bridget Paff $50.00
  • Jovon Everett $50.00
  • Lori Shaffer $50.00
  • Jeff Magnuson $50.00
  • Ross Egan $25.00
  • Saskia Bolore $20.00
  • Brian Doyle $10.00
  • Jeremy Mattson $100.00
  • Deric McNish $75.00
  • Gifts by Mail $1,000.00

Summer Circle Theatre Stage

Craig Gunn has generously challenged gifts going forward and will match dollar for dollar the next $1,000 donated.

For over fifty years the MSU Department of Theatre has been producing FREE performances of a wide variety of shows outdoors on the banks of the beautiful Red Cedar River on the MSU campus. Presenting a blend of old favorites, musicals, and provocative new plays, Summer Circle Theatre offers the community a unique opportunity to enjoy quality theatre produced by faculty and students of the Department of Theatre in a relaxed, informal setting, rain or shine.

After completing a major renovation of the Summer Circle Courtyard funded through donor and alumni support, including the Friends of Theatre at MSU, this beautified performance venue is the perfect location for fundraisers, special events and community gatherings.

The Summer Circle Courtyard enhances the visibility of the arts on campus and adds to a vibrant cultural climate, which is increasingly important for recruitment of faculty and students.

We Need Your Support

We hope to raise $5,000 for a NEW stage cover in order to protect our new space for many years to come. Through generous donations we are able to support nearly thirty MSU student actors, designers, managers and technicians to work at the craft they love and provide our community with FREE theatre. The Department of Theatre is constructing this stage cover to install theatrical scenery where students practice their art to produce plays and musicals each June.

Help us continue the mission of Summer Circle Theatre to present FREE performances as we enter our 55th anniversary season in our new courtyard! Summer Circle Theatre remains dependent on donations from loyal patrons to maintain the quantity and quality of its town-and-gown productions.

Your Support Will Make a Big Impact

For its 55th season, Summer Circle Theatre is devoted to great storytelling as we celebrate our new permanent space: the Summer Circle Courtyard!

Check out our 2015 Season:

This Season is Dedicated to Our GREAT STORYTELLERS of Summer Circle Past!

Frank C. Rutledge
SCT Co-Founder

Gretel Geist Rutledge
SCT Co-Founder

John Baldwin
SCT Co-Founder

Dixie Durr
Friends of Summer Circle

George F. Peters
Friends of Theatre at MSU

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 15CRFPR1SUMMER” in the note section.

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