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Science Theatre Upper Peninsula Trip

Almost everyone has a memory of an exciting science experiment. Whether it was a bubble explosion, a loud boom, or even a bed of nails, science experiments have that ability to mesmerize and fascinate, no matter what age. Science Theatre's mission is to get children and adults alike excited about the wonders of science. They believe that everyone should have an understanding of and appreciation for science and how it works in our world. This is what drives them to the organization to visit as many as 100 schools across the state of Michigan each year.

Since 2010, Science Theatre has been visiting Michigan's Upper Peninsula during the MSU spring break. In one week, they visit dozens of U.P. schools, reaching upwards of 60 schools and 15,000 K-12 students! These trips are conducted at no cost to the schools visited, and are entirely supported by donations.

The U.P. has tens of thousands of students spread across it, and for many of these schools Science Theatre is the only science outreach program available. With your support, this program will continue to provide a valuable resource to these schools. Give today, and support science learning and outreach!

Your Support Will Make a Big Difference

The Science Theatre Upper Peninsula Trip is conducted during the MSU spring break. During each day of the week, a group of undergraduate and graduate volunteers, led by the outreach coordinator, divides into two or three vehicles. Each vehicle has a detailed daily plan, which includes what schools to visit that day, when to visit each school, how long each visits should be, and what demonstrations to present during the visit. This, combined with training and teamwork, allows each vehicle to visit up to five schools per day.

At each location, the undergraduate and graduate volunteers will present a variety of science demonstrations to an excited elementary, middle, or high school audience. These science demonstrations, which fit the Next Generation Science Standards, are designed to be engaging, informative, and fun for the audience.

How Your Support Helps

The money raised will be used to cover the costs associated with the Science Theatre Upper Peninsula Trip. It will all be budgeted and distributed by the outreach coordinator as overseen by the Physics and Astronomy Department. The outreach coordinator will use the funds to cover car rentals, hotel rooms, gas fill-ups, meals, and any other costs associated with travel. All rules and guidelines regarding per-diem rates and MSU-sponsored travel will be followed.

Who We Are

Patrick Morgan is the outreach coordinator for the MSU Physics and Astronomy Department, and staff advisor to Science Theatre. He has been running the Science Theatre Upper Peninsula Trip program since it began in 2010. He is passionate about science communication and education, and wants to instill curiosity and excitement in students everywhere.

Science Theatre is a registered student organization at MSU. The organization visits schools across Michigan's Lower Peninsula, bringing science demonstrations to schools and events.

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