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Help MSU Fencing Club Go To Nationals

MSU Club Fencing is one of the oldest organizations on campus, with records in the MSU Archives dating back to the late-1800s. MSU fielded an NCAA team at regionals and nationals for many years before becoming a club sport. MSU was a foundational member of the USACFC and has hosted USACFC nationals three times. Last year, Spartan Fencers won trophies in team and individual events at the Midwest Fencing Conference Regionals, and had two fencers finish in the top 16 individuals at USACFC nationals. Our club upholds the rich tradition of fencing at the college level, creating a welcoming space for both newcomers to the sport and experienced fencers. We believe that fencing is a sport for everyone.

Your Support Will Help Spartans Advance Towards USACFC Nationals

This fundraising campaign will fund six full squads and coaches traveling to Virginia Beach, VA for USACFC Nationals. This meet is the culmination of our entire season, which begins in September. For many athletes, this is an opportunity to see the hard work they’ve put into months of training come to fruition. We are proud to represent Spartan Excellence at USACFC Nationals.

Project Budget

Our goal of $5,000 will send 30+ Spartans to Nationals. Your donations will offset travel, housing, registration, armory, meals, and other tournament costs for our team of 24 individuals, armorer, and volunteer coaches to attend these meets. For many fencers, this will be their first major national competition, and our goal is to make competition opportunities as stress-free and accessible as possible for our athletes.

Who We Are

The MSU Club Fencing Team has over 130 rostered members, dozens of whom participate in collegiate club fencing events. For many, they experience the sport of fencing for the very first time through our club. Our e-board and weapon captains work hard to ensure that the team creates an inclusive and welcoming environment for both casual and competitive fencers. Our competitive team is made up of one squad per weapon, per gender, for a minimum of 24 athletes at each event. We are led by our head coach, Ben Schleis, and supported by three other volunteer coaches from the Michigan fencing community.

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 24GGDCF1FNCG” in the note section.

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