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Make a Difference Giving to Michigan State University Make a Difference Giving to Michigan State University
  • $5,281 RAISED OF $12,000 GOAL


  • Darryle Buchanan $100
  • Erin Byrnes $50
  • KImberly Morley $100
  • John Kaczynski $83
  • John Kaczynski $83
  • John Kaczynski $83
  • John Kaczynski $83
  • John Kaczynski $83
  • Kayla Smith $20
  • ROSE JONES $50
  • Edgar Vann III $50
  • Anonymous $100
  • Mark Vroman $100
  • Ryan Stevens $50
  • Juliann Trudell $50
  • Trisha Nesbitt $50
  • Carol Vernon $50
  • Dave Cluley $100
  • John Kaczynski $83
  • La Toya McBean $100
  • Erin Byrnes $50
  • Mark Huizenga $50
  • Michele Hodges $25
  • Peter MacGregor $500
  • Anonymous $100
  • Eric Bacyinski $100
  • Khumbo Croft $50
  • Ryan Stevens $50
  • Amber DeLind $50
  • Michael Fisher $50
  • Anonymous $50
  • Jennifer Flood $25
  • Samantha Troutman $50
  • Darryle Buchanan $100
  • Anonymous $200
  • Daniel Cherrin $18
  • Terese Hunter $100
  • Dichondra Johnson $10
  • Reggie Miller $100
  • Matthew Grossmann $100
  • Michael Colucci $50
  • Cynthia Kyle $100
  • Adrienne Wallace $100
  • Steve Tobocman $100
  • David Palmer $500
  • Kristin Judge $100
  • Anonymous $100
  • KImberly Morley $100
  • Gifts by Mail $883

Support a Future MPLP Fellow

As some of you know, the Michigan Political Leadership Program (MPLP) has faced some structural financial challenges. While speaker costs for the dinner and breakfast have continued to rise, support from our traditional sponsors has been difficult to sustain. In the short-term, we were able to resolve these challenges through the creation of specific fellowships, including the Jacie Hadden and Barbara Burr Gattorn funds which supported the costs of one fellow ($12,000) per year for the past five years (Hadden) and three years (Gattorn), respectively. In addition, we received an annual gift of $12,000 from Masco Corporation for the past five years. Unfortunately, all of these funds have now been retired and we are now tasked with expanding our fundraising outreach to fill in those gaps.

Since the 1992 implementation of term limits in Michigan, the Michigan Political Leadership Program at Michigan State University has recruited, trained, and inspired public policy leaders, offering them the vision, commitment and skills necessary to govern effectively.

Our program supports future governmental leaders throughout the state of Michigan. We have had over 600 graduates of our program and half of them have served or are serving in local political office. Currently 11 of our alumni are serving in the State Legislature, four of which are Senators.

Your Support Will Make a Big Difference

The MPLP Team

This fund will cover the full cost of one fellowship each year and the fellow will be acknowledged as the MPLP Alumni Fellow. This fellow will meet the criteria of an individual who exudes outstanding community leadership qualities and who represents the values of MPLP and what it means to be an MPLP fellow.

Project Goal

The funds will go directly toward the support of one individual each year to participate in our MPLP program as an MPLP Fellow. The cost for one fellowship is approximately $12,000. This cost includes lodging for one person for 10 weekend sessions, three meals during the weekend and course materials.

Who We Are

MPLP is administered by the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR), guided by an Advisory Board, and co-directed by Anne M. Mervenne and Steve Tobocman. It is a non-profit entity, supported by the MSU Office of the Provost, College of Social Science, and the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research.

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 17OOPCF1MPLPAF” in the note section.

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