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Make a Difference Giving to Michigan State University
  • $435 RAISED OF $5,000 GOAL


  • Andrew Rossow $60
  • Bridget Hanchek $50
  • Peggy Zinser $100
  • Anonymous $100
  • Michael Stokes $100
  • Katharine Douglass-Harris $25

Help Support JCMU!

Since 1988, the Japan Center for Michigan Universities has transformed the lives of thousands of young people and inspired greater collaboration between the state of Michigan and Japan. JCMU is a beacon of international collaboration and hope for a more closely connected world. JCMU has navigated challenging times in the past -- the Great Hanshin earthquake in 1995, the SARS epidemic of 2003 and H1N1 health crisis in 2009, and the Great Tohoku earthquake and nuclear disaster of 2011 -- and come out the other side stronger than ever. 

No crisis had ever threatened the future of JCMU like COVID-19.

As JCMU relies almost entirely on participant fees to fund our operations, the pandemic significantly affected our financial stability. We waited nearly three years to resume study abroad programs, and finally welcomed our first cohort of students to our Center in Hikone for fall semester, 2022! Though we are elated to be back in action, our financial resources have not yet rebounded. There are critical functions that require time, funds, and attention, all of which was in short supply during the pandemic -- maintaining our facilities, creating innovative learning opportunities, evaluating our curricula, and expanding our relationships in Japan. MSU and JCMU staff have diligently contained costs, but JCMU is now at a critical turning point. Make your gift today! Each and every dollar contributed to this campaign will be invested in basic JCMU operations to ensure JCMU remains open and vibrant to inspire future generations of students.

Your Support Will Make a Big Difference

JCMU and MSU’s leadership are looking ahead to envision a brighter future for JCMU. Engaging JCMU’s network of partners including alumni, donors, friends, community members, government agencies, foundations, and companies in this effort is essential. Together, the JCMU community can:

  • Address the continuing effects of the COVID-19 crisis and corresponding serious, immediate financial concerns for JCMU.
  • Honor JCMU’s legacy and strong relationships throughout Japan and the state of Michigan to build upon for future generations.
  • Innovate and envision a JCMU that is even stronger than before the pandemic. 

This crisis offers an opportunity to strengthen JCMU for the next decade and beyond.

Project Budget

The funds raised through this campaign will support JCMU’s day-to-day operational needs, allow JCMU to make plans for future educational programming, and actively market JCMU’s programs to future participants.

JCMU’s operating budget is approximately $25,000 per month. Funds raised through this campaign, will support operational needs such as:

  • Building maintenance and improvements for students abroad in Hikone
  • Participation in recruitment opportunities, such as study abroad fairs across Michigan
  • Staff salaries and expenses
  • Applicant management system licensing fees
  • Social media ads and other marketing strategies

Who We Are

The Japan Center for Michigan Universities (JCMU) is a study abroad program born of a desire to build and strengthen relationships between Japanese, American, and people of every nationality. JCMU’s programs give students the opportunity to study language and culture on the shore of Lake Biwa while participating in the community of the City of Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, where the center is located.

JCMU is committed to providing affordable study abroad programs that allow students to create meaningful intercultural experiences while participating in academic studies of the highest caliber. JCMU strives to be accessible for students of every background, regardless of training or experience, while providing a diverse selection of academic and intercultural activities. Participants from colleges and universities in Michigan and across the world are welcome at JCMU.

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 23OOPCF1GTJCMU” in the note section.

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