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  • $3,130 RAISED OF $15,000 GOAL


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Help Hidden Lake Gardens re-plant and recover from the polar vortex

Thousands of plants were damaged due to a malfunctionDuring the polar vortex on January 30 and 31, low natural gas supply pressure caused the boiler heating system in the conservatory to malfunction, and temperatures in Arid and Tropical domes and the temperate and service greenhouses fell below freezing causing many plants to suffer significant damage and perish. We are now faced with replacing 371 different plant species and varieties totaling 1,221 individual plants.

Your support will assist Hidden Lake Gardens Staff to acquire new plants and re-establish both the beauty and the education components of the conservatory

With the loss of such a significant quantity of plants, funds raised for this project will offset the cost of obtaining seeds and plants to replace those damaged by the cold. The conservatory serves as an educational resource for school field trips by providing examples of food plants. School groups also study plant adaptations specific to environmental conditions such as high tropical humidity and dry desert soil. Students also observe foliage and flowering plants from environments around the world that otherwise could not grow in Michigan.

The general public also benefits greatly from our plant display, especially in the winter season as many seek respite from the cold, gray days of winter by experiencing the restorative flowering, fruiting, and foliating plant environments. Whether casually observing plants, commemorating a life event, or enjoying a seasonal display, there is something for everyone, every day, in the conservatory when it is chock full of plants.

The service greenhouse, located behind the scenes in the conservatory, supports the growth of seedlings, cuttings, and bulbs of plants that are produced for the conservatory, the Lath House containers, or the display gardens and planters. Many of the seedlings and rooted cuttings being grown in the service house at the time of the polar vortex were designated for the Spring Flower Bulb Show. 

The goal of $15,000 will cover the purchase and shipping of new plants, as well as planting supplies

Palms, Ficus, Banana, and many other plants reveal their intolerance to cold temperatures.Your contribution will greatly offset the cost to replace cold-damaged plants with similar renewal plantings allowing us to re-establish many of the traditional plants throughout the conservatory. We also recognize the opportunity to update and upgrade our plant collections and displays with some of the most unique and unusual plants in the world. The conservatory will return to the creative, cutting-edge, horticultural oasis that makes and keeps it as a one-of-a-kind gem in southeast Michigan.

Who We Are

Hidden Lake Gardens and Arboretum is a 755 acre public garden in Lenawee County that was gifted to MSU by local businessman, Harry Fee, in 1945 for “the benefit and education of the public.” Our mission is to instill an appreciation of plants, gardens, landscapes, and the natural environment by displaying collections of plants that are of botanical and arboricultural value to students, professionals, and the public. The conservatory consists of the tropical dome (foliage and economic plants), arid dome (cactus and succulent plants), and temperate house (flowering and foliage plants plus seasonal displays).

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 19OOPCF1HIDDEN” in the note section.

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