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Support The Graduate School Emergency Fund

Crucial to Our Campus Community

Michigan State University is home to about 11,000 graduate students, who represent the next generation of groundbreaking scholars, scientists, veterinarians, lawyers, doctors, and educators. The teaching contributions of graduate instructors not only touch the professional and intellectual trajectory of MSU students, but their research contributions also fuel the landmark work that makes MSU one of the country’s leading public research universities.

Your Support Will Make a Difference

Graduate students' success and well-being is oftentimes related to their financial security. It is not uncommon for graduate students to face financial challenges during their careers (during the life cycle of their experience as graduate students). Graduate students' wages as research assistants and teaching assistants are often not enough to cover unexpected expenses related to emergency situations and not all graduate students have financial packages to support their education. Compounding this, during the COVID-19 pandemic, more graduate students than usual have faced a range of financial challenges for a variety of reasons.

The Graduate School’s emergency funding fellowships are available to graduate students who experience unusual or unforeseen emergency situations that are of a sudden and temporary nature. In line with our vision and mission, the Graduate School strives to help the greatest possible number of graduate students who are facing unpredictable financial difficulties. Join us in ensuring that our graduate students succeed – give to the Graduate Student Emergency Fund today. There are a host of circumstances that graduate students face leading them to apply for emergency funding from the Graduate School, including but not limited to:

  • Emergencies involving children and other immediate family members
  • Physical and mental health
  • Tuition stipends
  • Travel home/ abroad for international students or relocation to a safe environment
  • Sudden/ unforeseen loss of employment
  • Miscellaneous support for research and vital study materials

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 22OOPCF1GRAD” in the note section.

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