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  • $2,235 RAISED OF $5,000 GOAL


  • Ludeen McCartney $30
  • Judith Murphy $250
  • Tiffany Westendorf $50
  • Tyler Mensing $100
  • Jason Farr $15
  • Barbara Lowrey $150
  • Christie Arendt $100
  • Sarah Walter $100
  • Eric Preston $10
  • Paul Sparks $100
  • Steve Selby $100
  • Mary Heiss $100
  • Oumatie Marajh $100
  • Christopher Meagher $100
  • Susan Monsell $50
  • Joanne Tan $50
  • Scott Zolkowski $25
  • Martin Schaupner $60
  • Matthew Grossmann $100
  • Jacob Santangelo $20
  • Maria Elkin $150
  • Ann Parker $100
  • Lisa Parker $200
  • Vicki Shaver $50
  • Aimee Argel $25
  • Kaushalya Muthukuda $100

Washington, DC Intern Metro Fare Fund

MSU’s Washington, DC Semester Study program has been sending interns to study, work, and live in the nation’s capital for nearly 20 years. As valuable as these experiences are, students often struggle to afford the higher cost of living in DC while participating in an unpaid internship. Combining a full time internship with a full time course enrollment doesn’t allow for earning supplemental income.

To help ease the financial burden of this undertaking, we are hoping to raise funds to pay for the cost of commuting to work in Washington, DC for 21 MSU students during Spring 2016 semester.


Your Support Will Make a Big Difference

The funds collected will offset the high cost of the students’ commute to their internships. The cost of living in Washington, DC is significantly higher than in East Lansing. Getting to their internship is a financial priority which can leave little funds leftover for other living expenses.

Project Budget

100% of the funds will be used to purchase Metro fare cards for students.

MSU’s Washington, DC Semester Study and Internship Program is known for its near full time internship commitment which is very attractive to internship sites. In addition to commuting to their internship, students also commute from program housing in Arlington, VA to DC for class meetings. The cost per semester of this commute can range from $300 to $500.

Who We Are

MSU’s Washington, DC Semester Study program students get to know each other and meet MSU and DC program alumni at reception welcoming the interns to Washington, DC.

The Washington, DC Spring 2016 intern group is made up of students from a variety of disciplines including Political Science, Criminal Justice, James Madison College, History and Communications. Interns are working in federal agencies, for legislators, in non-profits and other institutions. Here is a snapshot of some the 21 interns going to DC in January.

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 16CRFPR1DCMETRO” in the note section.

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