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The Legal Profession Must Confront its Role in Slavery

The Citing Slavery Project documents the past and continued influence of the law of American slavery. American jurisprudence enforced, protected, and defended slavery. Not only was the legal system critical to the establishment and maintenance of American slavery in the 18th and 19th century, but it also established foundational legal principles still cited by judges and lawyers today. By documenting this legacy, the Citing Slavery Project reveals the continued influence of the injustices and institutionalized violence of slavery.

Your donation reinforces our work which reveals the ongoing legacy of the law of slavery.

Our work empowers law students to challenge traditional legal ways of thinking about the law and legal system. These students will work to provide a free, accessible, accurate, and comprehensive database at www.citingslavery.org that makes the information about the relationship of slavery and law tangible and accessible.

Any funding provided will continue to support students who have dedicated their time to continue this mission.

Every donation goes directly to compensating those researchers who work tirelessly and enthusiastically on this project. Your donation will support collection and analysis of cases as well as our outreach and education efforts.

Who We Are

The Citing Slavery Project is comprised of MSU Law Professor Justin Simard, along with current and former law students and undergraduates who work to reveal the legal profession’s complicity in slavery.

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