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Make a Difference Giving to Michigan State University

Your Impact Through Giving In 2017/18

Annual Philanthropy Report Facts

Gift Summary

Private gifts to MSU come from many sources. Below is a graphic summary of the MSU’s 2019 fiscal year in philanthropy. The charts reveal what it takes financially for MSU to compete and also show how important philanthropic gifts are to the overall operation of the university. 
Sources: Unaudited financials, MSU Statements of Revenues, Expenses, Changes in Net Position; and Voluntary Support of Education survey by the Council for Aid to Education.

Chart: Income
Chart: Expenses

Chart: Where gifts came from
Chart: Where gifts went

Chart: Cash receipts
Chart: Total commitments

Fiscal Stewardship

The Common Investment Fund (CIF) is Michigan State’s investment portfolio into which endowed funds established at the university are invested. This pools nearly all of MSU’s endowment funds so they can be managed much like a mutual fund. Donors’ gifts “buy” shares (or “units” as they are called at MSU) in the CIF. As the market value of the CIF increases (or decreases), the value of the individual CIF shares increases (or decreases)—and so the value of each specific endowed fund goes up or down.

MSU’s long-term investment performance continues to perform ahead of peer institutions’ returns for the 10 year period ended June 30, 2017. MSU’s CIF performed at 16.2 percent during the past fiscal year.

Check the performance of MSU’s Common Investment Fund.