What is a Scenario?

A scenario is a hyperlink you create to do targeted fundraising for one or more allocations/funds at MSU. A scenario allows you to easily direct donors to priority funds. In addition, all scenarios can be linked to an established appeal code and recorded in Advance C/S. Click here if you want to view a sample giving Scenario.

You can easily create a PRODUCTION giving Scenario hyperlink by visiting https://givingto.msu.edu/scenario.

If you are located outside of central and you want to create a TEST giving Scenario hyperlink please visit https://gate.uadv.msu.edu and select scenario (test) from the menu after you login.

Please see the below for various examples of how you can use giving Scenarios.

One-on-One Solicitation

Using a scenario, it is possible for you to email a donor and provide a link directing him/her to a specific allocation/fund for easy online giving. No confusion, no sorting through other funds/allocations/priorities.

Group Alumni based Email Solicitation

Example: You email a group of donors/alumni from the College of Engineering encouraging them to support the research of durable concrete with polymers using a scenario you created.

General Population Solicitation Mailer

Example: You plan a mailing to a group of donors/alumni/friends who support performing arts at Wharton Center. First, you create a scenario hyperlink. Then, you include the URL in your mailing. This will help direct your donors to your priority fund.

Complex Mail/Email Solicitation

Example: You email and mail a group of donors/alumni seeking their support for their choice among a variety of scholarships in the College of Nursing. In this example, you would create a scenario like so. This will help your donors focus in on what scholarships are being marketed for funding.