Munn Ice Arena Renovation

BUILDING Student-ATHLETE success

Since its first intercollegiate game in 1922, Michigan State Ice Hockey has been at the forefront of collegiate hockey success. From its championship tradition to record-setting student-athletes and coaches, Spartan Hockey has reached the pinnacle of achievement.

Munn Ice Arena has been home to Michigan State hockey since opening its doors on November 1, 1974. In recent years, renovations have centered around enhancing the fan experience.

Now is the time we turn our attention to the student-athlete experience. Once we’re successful in constructing the Munn Ice Arena addition, our Spartans will train, compete, learn and grow in one of the finest hockey facilities in the country. The Munn Ice Arena addition will provide a dramatic focal point in the heart of MSU’s intercollegiate athletic facility district, while serving as a “front door” to our beloved hockey facility.

The student-athlete experience is paramount in recruiting and ensuring sustained success. Resources available in the new building will include:

  • A new state-of-the-art weight room that will prepare our Spartans to meet the physical demands of a 7-month hockey season.
  • Dedicated shooting stations will provide an opportunity for our student-athletes to fine tune their skills without competing for ice time.
  • A player’s lounge will build team camaraderie, providing a space for our Spartans to develop their relationship off the ice which is vital to communication and trust on the ice.
  • A state-of-the-art training area will allow our student-athletes to receive medical treatment from a first-class staff to prevent and mend injuries, enabling them to return to competition.
  • New coaches offices will provide areas to collaborate and motivate.

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With your support, the Munn Ice Arena renovation will transform MSU Hockey by providing a championship-level facility to attract elite student-athletes and honor its rich history. Invest in Champions


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Take a look at what the Munn Ice Arena addition will look like when completed:

“Now, more than ever, we need you to join our team and invest in champions.” – Danton Cole