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Support Tower Guard and their partnership with RCPD to make campus more accessible for all Spartans!

Tower Guard is a second-year student honor society dedicated to serving students with disabilities at Michigan State University. Members of Tower Guard are chosen from the top academic achievers of the first-year class, and spend their second year dedicating 120 hours each to the service of students with disabilities. Tower Guard collaborates with the Resource center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) to help scribe for exams, create accessible textbooks, hold one-on-one tutoring, engage in a variety of RCPD initiatives, and build a more inclusive environment for all Spartans.

Your Support Will Make a Big Difference

Donations to this organization will go towards the Tower Guard Scholarship Endowment, which is annually awarded to Tower Guard members to celebrate their service, accomplishments, and offer financial support. Tower Guard members serve as allies to RCPD and strive to make MSU a more inclusive and accessible place.

This scholarship will allow me to continue my academic career at MSU, where I will continue to exemplify Tower Guard’s pillars and mission through my work with children with disabilities, as well as a resource for the future Tower Guard class. As a future healthcare provider, I thank you for the opportunity to work with those who have disadvantaged, and make connections with a passionate group of people.

- Morgan Willis, Treasurer of Tower Guard 2022-2023 and one of the 2023 scholarship recipients.

Who We Are

Tower Guard is one of the oldest, continuously active, MSU-based student organizations on campus, and is the only student organization that holds the key to Beaumont Tower. In the early years, when Tower Guard was comprised of only 20-25 members, the meetings were held on the second floor of the Tower. Today’s larger membership allows only the Executive Board officers to continue this tradition. Though Tower Guard has evolved over the years, it continues to serve as a prominent model of leadership, scholarship, service, and character for the MSU community.

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*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 24OOPCF1GTTWDG” in the note section.