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Make a Difference Giving to Michigan State University

What is a Scenario?

A scenario is a hyperlink you create to do targeted fundraising for one or more allocations/funds at MSU. A scenario allows you to easily direct donors to priority funds. In addition, all scenarios can be linked to an established appeal code and recorded in Advance C/S. Click here if you want to view a sample giving Scenario.

You can easily create a PRODUCTION giving Scenario hyperlink by visiting

If you are located outside of central and you want to create a TEST giving Scenario hyperlink please visit and select scenario (test) from the menu after you login.

Please see the below for various examples of how you can use giving Scenarios.

One-on-One Solicitation

Using a scenario, it is possible for you to email a donor and provide a link directing him/her to a specific allocation/fund for easy online giving. No confusion, no sorting through other funds/allocations/priorities.

Group Alumni based Email Solicitation

Example: You email a group of donors/alumni from the College of Engineering encouraging them to support the research of durable concrete with polymers using a scenario you created.

General Population Solicitation Mailer

Example: You plan a mailing to a group of donors/alumni/friends who support performing arts at Wharton Center. First, you create a scenario hyperlink. Then, you include the URL in your mailing. This will help direct your donors to your priority fund.

Complex Mail/Email Solicitation

Example: You email and mail a group of donors/alumni seeking their support for their choice among a variety of scholarships in the College of Nursing. In this example, you would create a scenario like so. This will help your donors focus in on what scholarships are being marketed for funding.