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Embracing the Challenge

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Embracing the Challenge

Right at this moment, in a distant land, a wild lion’s roar is echoing in a valley.

While Michigan State wildlife researcher Robert Montgomery can’t hear that roar, it feeds a part of his soul and challenges him to preserve it so others may.

Montgomery, an assistant professor of wildlife ecology in MSU’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, is addressing dramatic population declines of lions, elephants and giraffes in East Africa. Through his work, Montgomery is developing progressive, innovative solutions to issues of animal endangerment, record rates of human-wildlife conflict and wildlife crime.

Perhaps an even stronger focus for Montgomery is recruiting and mentoring graduate and PhD students through the RECaP Laboratory. His future vision is for RECaP to become a center of excellence, known across the world for solving wildlife conservation issues—and additional private support can make this happen.

Taking groups of alumni, donors and students into East Africa to conduct field work is also a dream of Montgomery’s.

“We invite donors into the field with us so that they can see the work that we’re doing in practical terms,” Montgomery said. “This way we are all part of the solution by conducting the work that’s necessary to achieve our goals, which ultimately helps animals and people.”

Author: Sarah Wardell