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Make a Difference Giving to Michigan State University Make a Difference Giving to Michigan State University

Be Part Of Spartan 300

Devoted to more than just supporting Michigan State University, Spartan 300 is an extraordinary opportunity for young alumni, by young alumni.

Spartans Stand Together

Philanthropy is not a one-person job, it takes many people—which is why Spartan 300 aims to go beyond raising funds. Spartan 300 seeks to build a lasting culture of philanthropy among recent graduates by creating a network of young alumni who not only understand the importance of giving back, but who are also willing to share that mindset with their peers.


Spartan 300 aims to attract Spartans that are willing to set themselves apart from the rest. Beyond simply being graduates of the last decade, each person also provides a gift of $300+ annually to their favorite Michigan State University causes. This gift represents an understanding of creating lasting change through the power of philanthropy.

Give Now


Spartan 300 donors do not give back alone. The “Each One Gets One” initiative requires that each current donor recruits at least one new donor each year, expanding the Spartan 300 network and encouraging others to become part of this growing community of young donors.


Be part of Spartan 300 every year by making your $300+ gift annually and recruiting another recent grad to be part of this network. Together, Spartan 300 donors will continue to make a lasting impact at MSU.

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