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Michigan Natural Features Inventory

Michigan’s rare and unique species and ecosystems often occur in remote, rugged terrain, so cataloguing and studying our biodiversity is no easy task. Scientists at the Michigan Natural Features Inventory (MNFI) are used to trekking through our State’s forests, wetlands, and waterways to document these natural gems, but today’s technology is making their jobs easier. Uncrewed aerial vehicles (drones) provide MNFI staff opportunities to investigate areas difficult or impossible to reach and study our natural resources in new ways. Drones not only allow our scientists to capture stunning imagery, but also map high quality natural communities, detect invasive species damaging our native species and ecosystems, and monitor these special places more efficiently.

Give to MNFI and Help Purchase Drones for Biodiversity Research

Our goal is to expand our capacity to monitor Michigan’s biodiversity by acquiring two drones to serve as monitoring platforms. These affordable systems allow for easy deployment, flexibility in planning, and data collection tailored to project needs. The new vehicles will facilitate completion of ongoing projects and expansion of our use of this rapidly developing technology, resulting in better data and more efficient biodiversity conservation.

Who We Are

Since 1980 the MNFI has been working to guide the conservation of Michigan's biodiversity by providing the highest quality scientific expertise and information to our partners.

Joshua Cohen, MNFI’s Ecology Heritage Lead, is the principal investigator leading several studies requiring the use of uncrewed aerial vehicles. We have two certified drone pilots, Jesse Lincoln (Ecologist) and Rachel Hackett (Botanist), with the skills and experience to complete flights for these studies.

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