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Make a Difference Giving to Michigan State University
  • $2,202 RAISED OF $5,000 GOAL


  • Katherine Slee $50
  • Give Green Day Matching Gifts $300
  • Jacob Iwankovitsch $10
  • Marc Roman $100
  • Bob Morse $100
  • Joshua Sivey $50
  • Elise Larsen $40
  • Anonymous $150
  • Michelle Misiolek $100
  • Anonymous $30
  • John Walch $100
  • Cynthia Cummings $50
  • Kathleen Moltz $36
  • Kathleen Moltz $36
  • Mary Douglas $50
  • Anonymous $70
  • Kristine Groskopp $100
  • Michael Isherwood $200
  • John Walch $5
  • Matt Piszczek $25
  • Keith Shepstone $250
  • Desiree Quinn $25
  • Nicholas Jenkins $100
  • Teresa Erznoznik $100
  • John Foxworth $100
  • Renee Ruetz $25

Support the MSU Fencing Club

Michigan State University Fencing Club is a club sport available to all students at MSU regardless of experience. Throughout the year the club attends many tournaments around the Midwest which we pay for through student expenses. However, there are two larger tournaments at the end of spring semester that are more expensive. These tournaments are the Midwestern Fencing Conference (MFC) and the College Fencing Championship (CFC). This is where we need help!

Since we are a club sport, we do not receive much funding from the university itself and must fundraise to pay for new gear, repairs, club events, and so much more. Due to the expenses that come with running our club, we are not able to provide much money to our members to help them with tournament fees.

All donations will go directly to funding tournament fees as well as the expenses involved in traveling and lodging. This year we will be traveling to Columbus and Philadelphia! It’s no secret that fencing can be an expensive sport and the club does its best to support students by providing those who need equipment with it, but it is hard to find funds to send students to tournaments.

Your Support Will Make a Big Difference

This project is set up to help the students at MSU who are a part of the fencing club to participate in these very large, important and expensive tournaments. This project helps us send our best fencers to these tournaments. At the MSU Fencing Club we want to give all fencers an opportunity to participate in the tournament based on skill and involvement in the club. We do not want money to be a deciding factor on who will be able to attend these tournaments and with your support we can reach that goal!

Project Budget

There are many expenses involved with traveling to a tournament. Other than the fees themselves which the club and its members must pay, our biggest costs come from travel and overnight stay. Both CFC and MFC are multiple day tournaments and require us to stay at the location where the tournament is held. All of these costs combine with the cost of food, drinks, and other necessities to make the total cost of the tournaments more than most college students can afford.

With your generous donations we will be able to pay for our members’ trips or at the very minimum help them in paying for their trip. Like we said before, the club believes that being able to pay for this tournament should not trump an entire year of a student’s hard work and dedication to the club. With your help we will be able to reach our goal.

Make a Gift by Mail:

University Advancement
Spartan Way
535 Chestnut Road, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Make check payable to Michigan State University and write “Appeal 19OOPCF1FENCING” in the note section.