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Empower Extraordinary Supporting the

College of Social Science


Seeking Human Answers to the Vital Issues of Our Time

The wonderfully diverse College of Social Science, full of energy and talent, is dedicated to human problems in this increasingly complex world. Social, behavioral, and economic scientists from the College of Social Science regularly cross disciplinary boundaries to partner with teams of engineers, physicians, and other scientists. We cross geographical boundaries as well—Washington, D.C.; Hangzhou, China; Flint, Michigan; Kenya; and New Orleans—and wherever we go, we ask hard questions that address issues that affect more than seven billion people.


The College of Social Science seeks to raise $60.0 million in the Empower Extraordinary campaign. We will achieve this goal with a mix of endowment and annual funds.


To date we have raised $62.6 million, but more private support is needed to achieve our full potential and propel this great university forward.


Nick McLaren
Senior Director of Development
(517) 884-2189

“Understanding people, unpacking social problems, and designing policies to make our society better is the essential role of the social scientist. Whether in the innovation and implementation of scientific advancements, exploring and increasing social justice or enhancing security, we ask tough questions and tackle important issues.”

Rachel T.A. Croson, Dean and MSU Foundation Professor of Economics